Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 27th September 2023


Welcome to Review Mii (“we,” “our,” or “us”). This Cookie Policy is designed to help you understand how cookies and similar tracking technologies are used on our online platform. Using our platform, you consent to cookies as described in this policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or device when you visit a website or use an online platform. They serve various purposes: making websites function efficiently, remembering user preferences, and providing information to the platform owner.

According to UK privacy laws and regulations, websites and applications must obtain user consent before using cookies. When consumers visit websites and other online resources, these regulations protect their personal information and right to privacy. In addition to device-specific information, cookies may store user preferences, browsing histories, and actions taken while using our services.

When a website requests user permission before using cookies, it is open and honest about the information it collects and how it utilises it. The website gives users control over their data and the choice of whether or not to share it by asking for their consent.

Types of Cookies website uses

Session and persistent cookies

The two primary types of cookies are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are only active while your browser is open. Session cookies serve several purposes, including tracking your usage of our website during a single browser session and making it easier for you to use it. Longer-lasting and retained past the current session are persistent cookies. These cookies make it easier to return to our website for analytics and other performance-related purposes.

First-party and third-party cookies

Both first-party and third-party sources use cookies. Your device receives first-party cookies from us directly. For instance, we gather information on how you use our website and adjust it to your browser’s preferred language via first-party cookies. Our partners and service providers might set third-party cookies on your computer or device for marketing and ad networks. They are mainly employed for tracking and internet marketing functions.

The consent management features on our website and mobile application provide further information about these partners and service providers.

Security Cookies and HTTPOnly Cookies

Cookies for secure connections are sent over HTTPS-encrypted connections. They stop unauthorised parties from obtaining the cookie’s data.

Additionally, JavaScript cannot access HttpOnly Cookies, which can assist in preventing some cross-site scripting (XSS) threats.

Device Cookies

Device cookies are sent from a server or domain the editor manages and uses to deliver the user has requested service to their machine or other web browsers.

How We Use Cookies?

We use cookies on our platform for the following purposes:

Essential Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of our platform. They enable you to navigate our platform and use its essential features, such as accessing content and uploading profiles. Without these cookies, our platform may not work correctly.

Technical Cookies

Administrators and editors use technical cookies to manage traffic and data transmission, identify the session, access password-protected sections, remember the order of the elements, complete the purchase process, handle payments, and prevent fraud concerning the website’s security.

Analytical and Performance Cookies

We use analytical and performance cookies to collect data about user interaction with our platform. This information helps us understand user behaviour, identify areas for improvement, and enhance the overall user experience. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information.

Social Media Integration

Our platform may integrate social media plugins or features that allow you to connect with content creators’ social media profiles. These plugins may use cookies to enhance your user experience by recognising your social media login status and enabling you to share content on social media platforms.

Advertising Cookies

We may work with advertising partners who use cookies to display personalised advertisements on our platform and third-party websites. These cookies track your browsing behaviour and preferences to provide relevant ads. While these cookies do not identify you personally, they help us deliver advertisements that are more likely to be of interest to you.

Cookie Consent

Using our platform, you agree to cookies as described in this policy. You can manage your cookie preferences through your web browser settings. Please note that blocking or deleting certain cookies may affect the functionality and usability of our platform.

Third-Party Cookies

Some third-party services we use, such as analytics providers and social media platforms, may also place cookies on your device. The respective privacy policies of those providers govern these third-party cookies. We do not have control over these cookies used for purposes determined by third parties.

Other tracking technologies

Cookies and other technologies like tracking URLs, software development kits (SDKs), and web beacons (also known as pixel tags or clear gifs) all serve similar purposes. We can tell when someone visits our website or opens an email we sent them thanks to web beacons, small picture files with a particular identifier.  We can track URLs and specialised links and determine where website visitors come from.  Small codes known as SDKs are incorporated into programs, serving similar purposes as cookies and web beacons.

In this Cookie Policy, these technologies are also called “cookies” for convenience.

How to Manage Cookies

Most web browsers provide settings that allow you to control cookies. You can typically find these settings in your browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu. Please refer to your browser’s help documentation to learn more about managing cookies. Remember that disabling certain cookies may impact your experience on our platform.

How to Revoke the Consent

The user can always modify or remove their consent by changing the settings on the Panel like mentioned in the section “How to manage Cookies”. The user’s choice is retained for up to 24 months. However, there are some circumstances when we require fresh consent. Additionally, if cookies, their use, or third parties are involved, we reserve the right to request your permission again.

Please be aware that you must only administer and regulate your provider’s third-party cookie revocation policy. The browser’s settings or a third-party program can be used to eliminate them. See the links we provide for details on how to do this using the Settings Panel.

Users can permanently activate, block, or delete cookies from their browser on their electronic device and their browsing history, which might include cookies.

Here are the links to access the options and instructions for your browser if you use a desktop or browser app:

  1. For the Internet Explorer web browser, please visit this page from Microsoft:
  2. For the Chrome web browser, please visit this page from Google:
  3. For the Safari web browser, please visit this page from Apple:
  4. For the Firefox web browser, please visit this page from Mozilla:

Changes to this Cookie Policy

We may update this Cookie Policy to reflect changes in our practices industry standards or for legal and regulatory reasons. Any changes will be posted on this page, and the last update date will be indicated at the top of the policy. We recommend reviewing this policy periodically to stay informed about our use of cookies.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests related to this Cookie Policy or our use of cookies, please contact us at

Disclaimer – Review Mii

Last Updated: 26th September 2023


Welcome to Review Mii (“we,” “our,” or “us”). This disclaimer is designed to inform you about the limitations and responsibilities associated with using our online platform. By using our platform, you agree to accept the terms and conditions outlined in this disclaimer.

General Disclaimer

This website’s ( content is only offered for general informational purposes. While we try to keep the information current and correct, we must stress that it should not be taken as professional advice or the only source for making crucial decisions. We make no express or implied representations or warranties regarding the availability, applicability, reliability, completeness, accuracy, or suitability of the information included herein.

Although we are devoted to truth, the dynamic nature of the issues we cover means that information can quickly change. Users of this website are therefore required to independently verify any information relevant to their choices or activities. We advise consulting appropriate professionals or reliable sources when making significant decisions or depending on specific data.

It is important to remember that the information on this website may include a wide range of topics and opinions. It might only sometimes reflect modern developments, scientific breakthroughs, or generally accepted business standards. Users should exercise caution and consider various informational sources when looking for comprehensive insights into a particular issue.

In addition, we expressly disclaim any responsibility for any losses or harm arising from your use of or reliance on the information on this website. This includes all losses in income, profits, or data, whether direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive.

We reserve the right to modify, supplement, or delete any part of the content on this website at any time and without previous notice. This disclaimer applies to all website users, viewers, and visitors. By accessing and using this website, you agree to be bound by this disclaimer and recognise that some restrictions apply to the information herein.

Website Disclaimer

Although we make every effort to ensure that the content on the website is correct and up to date, we make no promises or warranties, either stated or implied, regarding the information, services, or associated imagery’s suitability for any particular purpose.

You use this material at your own risk if you rely on it. Any loss or damage coming from this website, including any indirect or consequential loss or damage, as well as any loss or damage due to loss of data or profits, is expressly disclaimed by us, and we hereby disclaim all duty and liability for the same.

The website is kept in the best possible condition. Review Mii disclaims all duty and obligation if the website is temporarily inaccessible due to technical problems beyond our control. These terms and the website are subject to modification at any time without previous notice. The disclaimer may change from time to time. Therefore, you should check this page periodically for revisions. Using the site or breaking these terms allows you to hold us blameless from all claims, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenditures, including attorneys’ fees.

User-Generated Content

We want to emphasize that we are not responsible for the views, opinions, or accuracy of the submissions made on this platform. As an open forum for expression and dialogue, our platform welcomes diverse perspectives and content. We believe in fostering an environment where individuals can freely share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

This commitment to freedom of expression means that the submissions you encounter on our platform may vary widely in subject matter, tone, and quality. We firmly believe that everyone has the right to express themselves, and we strive to provide a space to exercise this fundamental right.

However, it’s essential to understand that the content posted by users does not necessarily reflect our own views or opinions. We do not endorse, condone, or verify the accuracy of the information users share. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure their submissions’ accuracy and abide by our community guidelines.

While we encourage open and respectful discussions, we also have measures in place to address content that violates our guidelines or legal standards. Our moderation team actively reviews and, if necessary, takes action against content that goes against our policies.

We believe that fostering a community of responsible and respectful discourse is essential. Therefore, we encourage our users to engage in thoughtful and constructive conversations while being mindful of the potential impact of their words on others. By doing so, we can continue to promote a platform that values free expression while maintaining accountability for the content shared within our community.

Content Creator Profiles

Content creators are solely responsible for the information and content they upload to their profiles. Review Mii is not liable for inaccuracies, misrepresentations, or discrepancies in content creator profiles. However, we may not tolerate vague comments and content leading to false identification and fraud.

User Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings are the opinions and experiences of individual users and do not necessarily reflect the views of Review Mii. We do not censor or manipulate reviews, but we may moderate content that violates our guidelines or policies.

Content Creator Verification

Review Mii may offer optional verification services for content creators to enhance their credibility. However, verification does not guarantee the authenticity or quality of their content.

Unbiased Listings

Our platform operates on a fundamental principle of fairness and impartiality. We want our users to trust that the listings they encounter on our platform are unbiased. We firmly believe in transparency and integrity in our operations. Our listings are meticulously curated to ensure that they truly reflect the users’ reviews. These listings are based solely on the user’s search criteria relevance. We do not, and will not, engage in practices that prioritise one over another due to financial considerations or partnership agreements.

Our ranking algorithms are also committed to keeping an impartial platform. These algorithms prioritise listings depending on geography and user preferences relevant to the user’s search. A Content producer’s payment or partnership status is never considered in these rankings.

We take great pride in our users’ trust, and we know that this trust depends on our commitment to justice. Our users may explore our site with confidence learning that the listings they view correctly represent the possibilities on the market because there are no hidden biases or other motives.

No Endorsement

We respect diversity and a wide range of possibilities, and our mission is to create a platform that will allow many content producers to interact with potential audiences.

In its purest form, endorsement denotes a formal, conscious endorsement or support of a specific profile. On the other side, our platform is made to host a wide variety of content creators and their work without favouring or biassing any particular business. We support creating a market where consumers can make educated decisions based on their needs and preferences.

Similarly, a Creator’s presence on our platform does not imply a working relationship with us. We don’t work with anyone specifically. Our platform is a third-party facilitator and doesn’t formally establish business ties with parties. The market can be open and competitive due to its neutrality, enabling users to contrast various content producers.

We suggest clients conduct research, read customer reviews, and gather information to make reviews and connections that suit their needs and tastes.

Privacy and Security

Protect your personal information and exercise caution when sharing details with content creators or other users. Review Mii is committed to user privacy, and we encourage you to review our privacy policy for more information.

Third-Party Links and Services

There is a chance that our platform will link to third-party websites, services, or goods. These links are available for your convenience and information. A security guarantee protects these links. On the other hand, other services or website links may contain banners and advertising that disclaim any responsibility for the acts or content of third parties and do not endorse, control, or otherwise warrant the products or services offered by third parties. External connections’ dependability, availability, dependability, or completeness is not examined, monitored, or guaranteed by us.


We have no control over and assume no responsibility for any business dealings you may have with such connections. As a result, you should study their terms of service, privacy policies, and legal disclaimers for your protection and assurance.

Limitation of Liability

Our platform is offered on a “as-is” and “as-available” basis, and we make no express or implied warranties or guarantees about its operation, dependability, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose. We do not promise that our platform will operate without interruption, be safe, free of mistakes, or include any harmful elements. We also do not promise that any flaws or problems will be fixed. Users understand that using our platform is done at their own risk and whim.

This disclaimer applies to all users, including businesses, clients, and other entities. It includes interactions, including looking around, accessing content, setting up accounts, or using any tools or services our platform makes available.

Users should be cautious when using our platform by setting up security procedures and routinely backing up their data. This disclaimer, which is an essential part of the rules governing how to use our services, serves to indemnify and hold harmless the platform and its affiliates from any and all claims and liabilities.

No Warranty

We make no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding our platform’s availability, functionality, or security. We disclaim all warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.


You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any claims, damages, liabilities, costs, or expenses arising from your use of our platform or any violation of this disclaimer.

Acknowledgement of the Disclaimer

By using Review Mii, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to abide by this disclaimer and our platform’s terms of use. We strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all users, and your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.

Changes to Disclaimer

We may update this disclaimer from time to time to reflect changes in our practices, legal requirements, or industry standards. Any changes will be posted on this page, and the last update date will be indicated at the top of the disclaimer.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this disclaimer or your use of our platform, please contact us at